Schedule of Services

15 W Delaware Pl 
(Chicago Sinai Congregation building)
ll Service Begin at
9:15 Am

All Welcome!

1st Day-Thurs April 20
2nd Day -Friday April 21
Shabbat Chal Hamoed 
Saturday April 22
7th Day-Wed April 26
8th Day-Thurs April 27, Yizkor


A  Dynamic Approach 
To Urban Judaism...

Small, Friendly & Supportive 

The best qualities of  a Havurah with all that a Synagogue can provide.  A Minyan and congregation where each participant counts and  is important. A place where you can experience Judaism, learn and grow spiritually with others.


We follow the traditional liturgy of the New Conservative Siddur.  We believe it is better to teach and help people learn, than it is to abridge the service  because there are people who are not familiar with our traditions.  In a world where people are seeking spirituality,  a traditional approach has much to offer. Regular participation can help expand your synagogue skills and unlock the meaning and value of prayer and Jewish ritual in your life.


Egalitarian means men and women participate together and equally. Our Hazzan was the first woman to serve as cantor in a Conservative  congregation in Chicago. But, we extend egalitarian to mean much more. Our Minyan is composed of individuals with varying degrees of Jewish knowledge, different backgrounds and life experiences, as well as different ages and marital status. We are truly an Egalitarian Minyan and congregation . Due to our location close to Near North hotels, we often have guests from all over the world.

The Shabbat Minyan Schedule

9:15 AM -P'sukei d'Zmra - the introductory service lead by a congregant.  Complete and unabridged, spiritual and meditative,  it allows congregants to get in the mood for what follows.
9:45 AM - The Shacharit -  Hazzan Hayman takes over and begins the Morning Service.
about 10: 25 AM - The Torah Service with the reading of the weekly parsha.
After The return of the Torah to the ark, a discussion of the weekly parsha.  We start with a question, issue or verse, and everyone is welcome to participate
about 11:45 - The Musaf Service with the complete Cantor's repetition most weeks.
Noon to 12:15 PM - Service Ends
Each Shabbat we provide a complete kiddush lunch. For those who are able to stay, this is an added opportunity for fellowship and the chance to get to know other Minyan participants.. It is traditional to have 3 Shabbat meals and we make the second meal a special congregational event. Following lunch we have a Birkot Ha Mazon.  Congregants are welcome to stay on a bit longer and continue the Shabbat fellowship.


An Outstand Hazzan 
Plus  Participation 
by Minyan attendees

Hazzan Toby Lou Hayman Pick brings her beautiful voice, and her knowledge of hazzenute.  She leads our services with the proper nusach (chant) .  There are many opportunities for participation.
Everyone is encouraged  to contribute to the weekly Torah discussion.  If you have the skills you are welcome to lead the P'sukei d'Zmra, read a portion of the Torah, chant a haftarah, or accept alyiot and other honors during the Torah service. If you do not as yet have the skills but want to learn,   we can  arrange   classes  to teach these skills. 

Its Not Just a Minyan- It's a  Congregation...

We are the Traditional Egalitarian Minyan & Conservative Synagogue for Near North / Downtown Chicago. 
The same guiding principles that  make our Shabbat Minyan so special provides the basis for everything that we do.
The  Minyan isn't a separate service.  It's the main service and it is for everyone. 
We do not believe in isolating people into groups.  Judaism has always been an  all inclusive religion. A congregational family should include people of all ages, singles, couples, families, older and younger people and children worshiping together as a kahal - a congregation.
All Shabbat & holiday services and social and educational programs are open to all who want to participate.
We are a child-friendly congregation.  We are  pleased when parents bring their young children into the service with them.  That is how it was done for centuries, and it is what Jewish continuity is all about.  
The Traditional Egalitarian Shabbat service is only the beginning.  We  have services and special celebrations for all the Yom Tovim and social and educational programs throughout the year. Join us for all of our holiday celebrations including a Sukkot dinner, Chanukah party, Purim Bash, and Shavuot Tikkun - Torah Study session, and holiday services, and more.

Chicago's Central Synagogue
Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism


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Mailing Address
Chicago's Central Synagogue
P.O. Box 13079
Chicago, IL 60613
312 787-0450

The Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
   Saturday Mornings 9:15 AM
15 W Delaware Pl, Chicago, IL
(the Chicago Sinai Congregation Building)

Shabbat Minyan Parking
Parking is available with validation at reduced rates,  on a space available basis, when we hold services or events at the Sinai Congregation building at: 1 E Delaware Pl (entrance on Chestnut east of State). Also you can park at posted rates at the Newbury Plaza Garage on State Street.