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Your Guide to the Chicago Jewish Community™

This is a unique directory. The classification system helps make sense of the organizational structure and relationships of Chicagoland Jewish organizations and resources. The Index can quickly guide you to the information you are looking for.  Because you can browse, you might find things you didn't even know existed. The Directory is a very comprehensive resource for web links to Chicagoland Jewish organizations. It contains links to Chicago based web sites, and when the organization is an affiliate of a national or international organization, there are also links to those web pages. 

The Jewish Chicago Organization & Resource Directory is still in development and   new categories will be added .   Please help us kept this directory current.  If you feel we have missed any organization, or if you have updated information on any listing please let us know at  


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Pillars of the Chicago Jewish Community
Tsedaka & Social Service Organizations
Clergy Related & Denominational Organizations
The Jewish Life Cycle: Individual & Family Services
   Jewish Ritual Observance: Special Services
Jewish Education
The education section is under construction
and will be available soon.
Accrediting & Funding Agencies
Early Childhood Programs
Hebrew Schools
Day Schools
Colleges & Universities
Adult & Continuing Education
Libraries & Museums
Holocaust Programs
Israel Related Organizations
Jewish History
Key Word Searching
Search for an organization by name.   Search for organizations in a  specific suburb or zip code. Look for any word or phrase in the Organization & Resource Directory, the Synagogue Directory or Kosher Chicago.

Your guide to the Chicago Jewish community™